Part of the Plan by Kate Atkinson and Karen Harris, music by Dan Fogelberg

Chadwick...commands the stage with her tremendous presence, delivering each emotion with an honesty that makes her renditions of "Believe in Me" and "To the Morning" utterly believable and heartfelt. The subtleties in her portrayal of Rebecca allow her character to evolve naturally from the show's beginning (a performance of "Power of Gold" set at a country club cocktail party that introduces the central characters with such spirit that the show is launched in theatrical fashion) to its emotionally-charged ending that will have you reaching for a handkerchief to dry your eyes.

Chadwick's almost lyrical performance in that final scene, matched by the emotions etched in Jay's face that somehow blends elation with mournful resolution, helps it to land square in the audience's collective heart, where no doubt the writers intended, but that scene could be all the more powerful with some skillful editing and some effective rewriting to underscore its impact.

Jeffrey Ellis, Broadway World

Bed by Sheila Callaghan

Chadwick’s performance is extraordinary. Her raw energy and acute sense of self and sexuality is undeniable.

The intensity that is commanded by Ms Chadwick proves to be the wave that crests and breaks again and again in Callaghan’s well honed story.

On Stage Los Angeles

Star Kate Morgan Chadwick makes a mesmerizing entrance as Holly, half crawling, half dragging herself like a rabid animal in a full circuit around designer Se Oh’s trash-strewn platform-bed set.

Chadwick’s conclusive and full-blooded portrayal...comes off as sort of a charismatic, riot grrrl–reoriented Courtney Love by way of Kathleen Hanna.

Bill Raden, LA Weekly

Bad Apples by Jim Leonard

Outstanding Kate Morgan Chadwick...fortifies the production with her fearless turn as a cocky yet emotionally vulnerable fool for love.

Misha Berson, The Seattle Times